336 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185(757) 229-3915

Margarette Yeager


My husband and I took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg and this was one of the places that he has wanted to eat at for years, so we had dinner there and believe me, it didn’t disappoint! We ordered cheese fries and a pepperoni stromboli to share. Leighann and the rest of the staff there were prompt, friendly, helpful, and we just couldn’t say enough about our dinner there. In contrast, we had lunch at the DoG Tavern that day and the service and food weren’t as good. The food was exactly as we had expected, the service was second to none, and it was refreshing to be treated so warmly after our rather disappointing lunch experience. Unless you want to pay for overpriced beer and order from a limited menu, steer clear of DoG Tavern. The College Delly is far superior!

Margarette Yeager
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